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  • Seven saying of Jesus – ‘Love the Lord your God’

    Darren looks at Matthew 22.35-38 and asks ‘Why does God tell us to love him?’ How often do you ponder the fact that God is obsessed with you? So God doesn’t like a lot of the ‘stuff’ humans get up to, but he loves each and everyone of us anyway… and he knows that if […]

  • Seven sayings of Jesus – ‘the sabbath was made for man’

    Tory looks at Mark 2.23-28 and asks how are we responding to God’s gift of a sabbath rhythm to life. Are you pausing in your week? Are you resting from work and investing in life? Are you regularly ‘resting in the presence of God’ long enough for his Spirit to transform you?

  • Seven sayings of Jesus – ‘And when you pray…’

    Andy looks at the verses in Matthew 6 that lead into the Lords Prayer, where Jesus says; ‘and when you pray…’ Do not pray like the hypocrites… who are you when you are alone? That is the time to reach out to God. Do not pray like the Pagans… are you aware daily that you […]