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  • CCS Commissioning Sermon

    Andy speaks on Jeremiah 6.16 and casts a vision for where we are this autumn You will find rest for your souls, if you stop, look and ask for the ancient paths and you walk in the good way. Our eternal good and Godly values at CCS are: Generosity, Honesty and relationships and that which […]

  • Seven sayings of Jesus – ‘You must be born again’

    Antje speaks on Mark 10.13-16 at the 10.30 on 24 August Do you know what BIRTH stands for? It’s well worth a listen. And it is crucial if you want to enter the kingdom of God.

  • Seven sayings of Jesus – ‘You only come to God through me’

    Phil Williams speaks on John 14.1-7 at the 10.30 on 17 August Have you met with God? Have you shared this good news with anyone recently?